What Makes us Different?

Our commitment over these decades has led to the development of a proven operating system, one that equips our franchisees to uphold the highest standards of retail excellence. This system is designed to meet the dynamic needs of our diverse customer base, ensuring every franchisee is well-prepared to succeed in today's competitive market.

Beginning in the 1990s, Pick n Pay has not only embarked on a franchising venture but has also redefined it.

This journey offers entrepreneurs the best of both worlds: the freedom to run their business paired with significant backing, ensuring a harmonious balance between independence in outlet management and a well-rounded support system.

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Build Your Legacy.

Investing in a Pick n Pay franchise is an opportunity to build a lasting legacy within your family. As a franchisee, you're not just opening a store; you're embedding yourself in a rich retail tradition that extends beyond immediate business success. Your store becomes a community pillar, offering both quality service and contributing to local growth. This venture represents more than financial achievement; it's about creating a sustainable impact, nurturing a legacy of entrepreneurship and community engagement. With Pick n Pay, you invest in a future that benefits not just your business but also the community and generations to come.

Giving Back to Your Community

At Pick n Pay, our commitment extends beyond just providing retail services; we are deeply rooted in the communities we serve across South Africa. Embodying the spirit of community engagement, we believe in enriching the lives of those around us. We encourage our franchisees to engage in community activities that resonate with their values and meet the unique needs of their localities. This approach not only fosters a sense of responsibility among our franchisees but also positions them as community leaders who exemplify the significant role businesses can play in societal improvement at a grassroots level. This ethos underpins impactful decision-making, offering franchisees the opportunity to make decisions that contribute to community development and economic growth.

Image and Layout

Contemporary Image with Practical Design

Our Pick n Pay supermarkets are continually transforming to align with the latest market trends whilst prioritising durability and cost-effectiveness in material selection. This sustainable approach ensures our stores are not only modern and attractive but also built to last in the dynamic retail environment.

Efficient and Intuitive Layout

Significant effort has been put into designing an efficient layout that benefits both customers and staff. The store arrangement is crafted for easy navigation, helping customers find what they need quickly and making their shopping experience more enjoyable.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

We are modernising our stores to elevate the in-store experience, offering the best in quality and value. Every aspect, from lighting to product placement, is thoughtfully updated to create a welcoming and convenient shopping environment that meets the needs of our customers.

Store Formats and Sizing

Pick n Pay offers a range of franchise convenience supermarkets, each designed to cater to diverse customer needs within sizes of

1,500m² to 2,200m². These stores provide an extensive array of products, from fresh food to household essentials, in a space that's optimised for ease of shopping and customer comfort.

Complementing the supermarkets are the Pick n Pay liquor stores, with a smaller footprint of 150m² to 250m². Despite their compact size, they offer a carefully selected range of alcoholic beverages, ensuring quality and variety. These liquor stores are designed for efficiency and a personalised shopping experience, meeting the specific preferences of our customers. Together, these supermarkets and liquor stores under the Pick n Pay banner offer a comprehensive retail experience, combining convenience, variety, and exceptional customer service.

Who do We Serve?

Pick n Pay strategically focuses its convenience shopping options to cater to the diverse needs of the LSM 4-10 income group in South Africa.

This approach is designed to provide a range of convenient and accessible shopping solutions that resonate with a broad spectrum of consumers, from individuals and families seeking quick and easy shopping experiences to those looking for affordable quality in their day-to-day purchases. By targeting this wide income range, Pick n Pay positions itself as a versatile and inclusive retailer, adept at meeting the varied lifestyle and budgetary requirements of a substantial segment of the South African population. The brand's commitment to convenience shopping is reflected in its store layouts, product assortments, and customer service strategies, all tailored to ensure a seamless and satisfying shopping experience for this broad and dynamic consumer base.

Our Competitive Advantage

Automation and Integration

Pick n Pay relies on the following cutting-edge systems at the heart of our operations, crucial for franchise success:

  • Inventory management is handled by SAP and BI Portal, ensuring real-time tracking and analytics.
  • Workforce management tools, including UKG Dimensions, Workday, Psiber, and Yoobic, streamline scheduling, payroll, and engagement.
  • Financial operations benefit from VBS for point-of-sale, STEM for finance tracking, and OneView for comprehensive financial insights.
  • XERO, an online accounting software, enhances financial transparency and efficiency.
  • Automated management accounts integration simplifies reporting and enables data-driven decision-making.

These advanced systems provide a strong operational foundation and equip franchisees for success in a competitive retail landscape, making investing in a Pick n Pay franchise a path to sustainable growth.

More than 18,000 products that emphasise quality, freshness, and convenience

Our Pick n Pay supermarkets serve a diverse clientele across lower, middle, and higher-income brackets, offering a wide and innovative selection of 8,000 to 18,000 products that emphasise quality, freshness, and convenience, including special lines in meat, produce, and bakery sections. Committed to providing quality products at competitive prices, we operate on a lean and efficient model, supported by a strong, skilled team. This approach ensures our customers access a unique range of high-quality food, groceries, clothing, liquor, and general merchandise at attractive prices, embodying our belief that doing good is not only ethical but also fundamental to sound business practice.

Where Service Comes First

At Pick n Pay, our dedicated departments, including our in-house bakery, butchery, deli, and fruit and vegetable sections, are instrumental in boosting our profit margins. These sections offer more than just convenience; they provide a premium shopping experience.

Our bakery entices customers with freshly baked goods, while the butchery prioritises high-quality, often locally sourced meats. The deli counter offers an array of cheeses, cold cuts, and ready-to-eat options, catering to customers seeking quick, delicious meals.

Competitive Product Pricing

At Pick n Pay, franchisees enjoy significant advantages thanks to our highly skilled and

comprehensive commercial team that operates on both a national and regional level. Our dedicated team of experts diligently negotiates with suppliers and partners, securing favourable terms and pricing that benefit all franchisees across the country. This collective approach not only ensures that franchisees have access to top-quality products and services but also empowers them with competitive pricing that enhances their profitability.


Supply Chain

Pick n Pay's supply chain, expertly managed through One Network, ensures efficiency and responsiveness by strategically utilising distribution centres (DCs) across regions. These DCs, including the landmark Eastport Distribution Centre, consolidate supplies, streamline deliveries, and enhance pricing negotiations. By localising DCs, Pick n Pay not only ensures faster, eco-friendly deliveries tailored to regional tastes but also contributes to customer satisfaction and environmental care. Our supply chain, supported by these state-of-the-art DCs, reflects our dedication to operational excellence and sustainability, providing tailored, high-quality products to each franchise outlet while reducing transportation emissions.

Loyalty Program

The Pick n Pay Loyalty Program, Smart Shopper, excels at granting franchisees access to crucial customer data, enabling well-informed management choices. Data acts as the cornerstone of successful business operations, offering deep insights into customer preferences, allowing businesses to tailor their services more effectively, and facilitating direct communication with consumers.


Pick n Pay has strategically expanded its omnichannel capabilities by incorporating delivery services through Mr D and its own Pick n Pay asap! platform. This seamless integration allows loyal customers to enjoy

the full advantage of the Pick n Pay range while embracing the convenience of online shopping. With Pick n Pay asap!'s efficient, same-day on-demand delivery alongside Mr D's robust service network, Pick n Pay offers a holistic and customer-focused shopping experience.

How do we Support YOU?


All franchisees and their teams are granted access to our advanced e-learning portal, equipped with carefully designed training modules aimed at maximising staff efficiency, enriching knowledge, fostering confidence, and elevating the standards of customer service. This comprehensive resource is tailored to empower our staff, ensuring they are well-prepared to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Marketing and Advertising

Pick n Pay franchisees benefit directly from our comprehensive national and regional marketing strategies, enjoying inclusion in all marketing activities conducted by Pick n Pay across various platforms. This includes extensive exposure through leaflet advertising, social media, digital marketing efforts, in-store digital screens, and national television and radio commercials during pivotal promotional periods. Our franchisees are seamlessly integrated into these campaigns, ensuring they leverage the full scale of Pick n Pay's advertising reach. Additionally, while they have the opportunity for independent

advertising within defined guidelines, it's the constant striving to align with the latest marketing trends and innovations that truly amplify their visibility and appeal, all with the support and approval of our National Buyers for each campaign. This approach not only enhances their market presence but also ensures they remain at the forefront of retail marketing innovations.

Operational Support

Operational support is provided through a dedicated Business Manager equipped with expertise in legal, finance, and administration within the support office. Additionally, there is a dedicated Franchise Property department to assist with lease-related matters. Effective communication between the division and franchisee is of paramount importance to us. We emphasise this by scheduling monthly meetings, conferences, and training sessions throughout the year to stay up-to-date, upgrade, and evolve together.


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