Pick n Pay Honey Junction

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Property Description:

Pick n Pay Family Honey Junction in Johannesburg is a

retail establishment that boasts a square footage of 3033m2. This spacious site has been trading as a Pick n Pay store since March of 1996, serving the community with quality products and excellent customer service for over two decades.

Among the many offerings at this location are the liquor stores, which provide a wide variety of beverages to suit any taste and occasion. Additionally, customers can enjoy the convenience of an in-store deli, where fresh and delicious food can be purchased for a quick and satisfying meal. Those with a sweet tooth will find the instore bakery to be a haven, filled with freshly baked goods that tantalize the senses.

For those looking for fresh cuts of meat, the instore

butchery offers an array of high-quality options that are sure to satisfy. All these offerings can be found within a conveniently located strip mall, making

shopping a breeze for busy customers who value efficiency and convenience. Pick n Pay Family Honey Junction in Johannesburg is a go-to destination for shoppers looking for a comprehensive and reliable shopping experience. With its long-standing reputation for quality and variety, it is sure to continue serving the community for years to come.



Built Year


Liquor Store

In-Store Deli & Bakery

In-Store Butchery

Located in a Mall

Property Main Location:

Corner John Vorster and Christiaan De Wet Road, Radiokop


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