Pick n Pay Pretoria North

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Pick n Pay Pretoria North is located on Rachel de Beer Street in the town centre, within a heavily populated area of apartment buildings. With many competitors within an 800-meter radius, such as Shoprite, Checkers, OK, Choppies, Festive Chicken, OBC Corporation, numerous spaza shops, and free-standing liquor stores, customers are likely to engage in cherry-picking between stores due to the small radius.


The total square footage of the site is 1,765 square metres, which includes a liquor store occupying 140 square meters. The site has been trading since October 2018. Despite being a relatively new store, it has been affected by unforeseen circumstances. In particular, in December 2019, the store was destroyed in an

electrical storm, and it had to be completely rebuilt.


Despite this setback, the store was reopened in October 2020, and it is now in immaculate condition. It has all the necessary equipment to deliver a high-quality shopping experience to its customers. The store's location within a densely populated area of apartment buildings allows for a steady flow of walk-in



Pick n Pay Pretoria North's recent rebuilding is a testament to its resilience and commitment to

providing a top-notch shopping experience for its customers.



Built Year


Liquor Store

In-Store Deli & Bakery

In-Store Butchery

Located in a Mall

Property Main Location:

490 Rachel de Beer Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria, 0001


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